About Us

As the Economy of India is growing rapidly resulting in a lot of demands of the Trained and Skilled manpower in our country. Today good and meaningful education that has adequate practical training is seen as a passport to a great job which open gates of myriad opportunities and a fulfilling career.

TRADE GURU  is on his way to make best courses and trainers approachable to everyone everywhere anytime with a low cost.

Imparting online education  using various ways, in more than 100 different fields/ courses which includes all kinds of vocational courses, specialized courses, development courses, etc. We invite all sorts of institutions, group of colleges, universities, individuals to use our platform for the growth and development of both of us.

What is e-learning ?

E-learning refers to the use of information and communication technologies in education. E-learning is forms of educational technology in learning and teaching also known as distance learning, virtual education with new generation tools (Computer and internet based learning).

How we do it

Our Belief, Vision, Mission and Values –

Belief – “Knowledge is the greatest weapon of mankind”

Vision –  “We will be a globally respected education institute.”

Mission – “Strategic Partnerships for Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise.”

Values – Together we can achieve the impossible

Why Choose Us

  • We have experience of many years in the field of education.
  • Our team members carry rich experience of 20 plus experinece in educations
  • Trained more than 10000 students
  • In india no structured market place is available for multi-dimension educational courses.
  • Government of india targeting wi-fi cities
  • Mobile subsribers : 25 crore plus : only in india
  • Online business scalling up at maximum speed compare to all other.
  • Government of india encouraging skill development