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Explain what is “Over the Counter Market”?

Over the counter market is a decentralized market, which does not have a physical location, where market traders or participants trade with one another through various communication modes such as telephone, e-mail and proprietary electronic trading systems.

Explain what do you mean by private equity transactions?

When private equity firms make investments in particular target companies, it is referred as private equity transaction.  A target company is an enterprise that has potential to perform in the short period of time.

Explain what is equity funding?

Insurance policy paid for by a mutual fund is referred as equity funding.  The value of the mutual fund shares pay the premiums of the insurance policy, enabling individual investors to have a benefit of a traditional mutual fund investment.

Explain what is weighted average rating factor?

The technique of calculating, analyzing and communicating the overall risk of a portfolio of investments is known as weighted average rating factor.

Explain can you judge whether the stock is expensive by looking at its price?

Looking just at its price you cannot judge the stock price, a $200 stock can be cheap if the company’s earnings prospects are high enough, while a $10 stock can be expensive if earning potential is low. The P/E ratio is the correct judge of the valuation of the stock.


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